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What is a PAC?

A Political Action Committee (PAC) is a popular term for a political committee organized by like-minded people for the purpose of raising and spending money to elect and defeat candidates.

The PAC is a separate and independent corporation that is able to make monetary contributions and endorse candidates. It is subject to close scrutiny by the state of New York.  ABATE of New York could legally make contributions, however the PAC should be used as ABATE would have to pay income tax on the contributions but the PAC does not.

How is it funded?

There are several ways that the PAC is funded. The first is through dues of the PAC representatives, which are $50 per year. The second is through individual donations. The third, and most effective source, is passing the hat at any motorcycle related meeting or event (i.e. swap meets, H.O.G., MC clubs). A personal check (NOT A CORPORATE CHECK) is the made out and sent to the PAC.

How is it used?

First, the PAC donates funds to our supporters in Albany. Second, a representative of the PAC attends as many high profile fundraisers as possible, in the Capital area, to let legislators know that motorcyclists are politically active (the maximum donation at these events is usually kept around $250 per ticket). Third, riders going to local fundraisers in their districts are encouraged to ride to these functions. It only takes a half dozen or so motorcycles to be noticed, so be on your best behavior. The idea is to be seen by legislators, to speak with legislators and to make a good impression. The PAC will pay for tickets to these fundraisers.

All chapter legislative coordinators are urged to get on the mailing list of all legislators in their chapter's area. When you attend these events, you go as an individual motorcyclist, not as an ABATE member.

The PAC can be a very effective tool, but only if we use it. In order to use it, we must fund it. The PAC would like to have a representative in every county throughout New York State, so if you are interested in representing your county, contact the address below.

Where Does The Money Go?

To send a donation:
PO box 1155
Riverhead, NY 11901

To request funds:
Mike Kenna (631) 821-5387 or A.J. Travis (631) 369-0729

All reimbursements are subject to availability of funds, but any reasonable request is usually honored. Remember, the money supply is short in election years.

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